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Welcome to Cathcart Coaching Inc.
Listening, confidentiality and respect are the foundation of our relationship with our customers.

Why a coach?

  • To help you to develop as an exemplary leader
  • To create a cohesive management team
  • To have continuous improvement part of your business culture
  • To improve your interpersonal skills and management
  • To help maximize the performance of your team
  • To prepare for a new management position
  • To stop procrastinating and act now
  • To create a balance between your personal and professional life
  • To identify behaviours that limit you in achieving your success


"Coaching takes me out of my comfort zone. It helped me during a difficult period at work and it is still helping me. I found it very useful."

- Product development professional

"… Coaching accelerates my personal development and it has improved my relationship with the people around me. I better understand what others expect from me…."

- Newly appointed manager